3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Series

Protection without altering appearance.

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is a rugged, nearly invisible, urethane film that is used to protect against stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering without altering the appearance of the vehicle.



OEM Approved:

Trusted and specified by vehicle manufacturers around the globe to meet the requirements for protecting paint and other vulnerable surfaces from chips, scratches, stains, road tar, and punishing outdoor weathering.

Invisible protection:

Durable, transparent film protects vehicle without altering the appearance or color of the vehicle like vinyl car bras or molded plastic protectors.


Maintenance Free:

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection film does not require any special care to keep the film looking great - wash and wax as usual.

NASCAR trusted and approved:

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is the only film officially licensed by NASCAR to protect race cars and keep them looking their best.


Personalized fit:

Certified 3M™ Installers leverage a library of 1000's of computer designed patterns to cut parts that are a custom fit for your vehicle - ensuring a precise, high quality installation.
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Applications‎ Door Edges, Door Handle Cavities, Hoods, Protecting Front Bumpers, Rear Fender Panels, Rocker Panels, Side Mirrors, Trunk Ledges
Color‎ Transparent
Construction‎ Thermoplastic urethane film with specially formulated clear coat and pressure sensitive adhesive designed to adhere to automotive paint systems
Installation Method‎ Professional installation by a certified 3M Installer.
Sizes Available‎ 12 Inch, 18 Inch, 24 Inch, 30 Inch, 36 Inch, 48 Inch
Warranty 5 years
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