Product Spotlight: CoolVu Transitional Window Tint

Dining room highlighting large glass windows that include CoolVu transitional tint window film
Smart cars, smart homes, smartphones, why not smart windows? Windows can be a source of aesthetic beauty as well as sunlight. But sometimes, they can also be a source of anxiety, overheating, and increased energy costs. Now, however, there’s a solution to these window problems. It’s called CoolVu Transitional Window Film. It works as a transitional tint, allowing your windows to be clear when desired and tinted when needed. In addition to the obvious benefits 3M window film can have on your home or business, here are some additional reasons our team of technicians at Clearview Tinting recommends 3M window film products for your window film needs.

What is CoolVu Transitional Window Film?

CoolVu Transitional Window Film is the first window film with adaptive properties that make it adjust to outside conditions. Like transitions glasses, CoolVu window tint becomes darker when exposed to direct sunlight. This darkening effect protects yourself, as well as your family, friends, or colleagues, from the intense effects direct sunlight can have - like the harmful effects of UV rays, which can create future skin problems from too much exposure. Window tinting also protects your indoor furniture from overexposure to UV rays, which can cause fading over time. In addition to protection from fading furniture and skin problems, window tinting can reduce energy bills by lowering the indoor temperature as less sunlight is allowed to pass through the window. With less sunlight entering your home or office, you can maintain your indoor temperature (and comfort) without overworking your HVAC system.
While CoolVu transitional tint darkens on sunny days, improving the comfort and safety of people and items inside, its transitional properties allow it to remain clear when tinting is unnecessary. This means you can enjoy full visibility when the sun isn’t at full strength. Rainbow after a storm? You’ll be able to see it! Stars in the night sky? You’ll see them too. CoolVu’s capabilities enable windows to respond to climate changes so you can have all the benefits windows bring without the negative factors that can result from too much direct sunlight.

How Does Transitional Tint Work?

CoolVu transitional tint uses proprietary photocromic technology. While photochromic lenses have been used in eyewear for some time, CoolVu is the world’s first climate-responsive film designed for windows. The photochromic materials used in CoolVu transitional tint contain molecules that are sensitive to light. When exposed to UV rays from sunlight, those molecules undergo a chemical reaction that causes them to darken. When the UV light source is removed, the molecules revert to their original state, and the lenses return to their clear state. This technology is not only practical but also incredibly convenient when it comes to building windows, as residents and occupants no longer have to worry about pulling down shades or blinds to block midday sunlight.

Where Can It Be Used?

CoolVu Transitional Window Tint can be used in commercial, residential, or automotive applications. For commercial uses, CoolVu can be installed on building glass, curtain walls, retail storefronts, and more. Once installed, employees and visitors can benefit from increased comfort dealing with glare and intense sun rays, as well as reduced hassle of of handling blinds and shades. Residential building owners can install CoolVu on any window in their home or rental property to provide similar benefits for their family, friends, and tenants. Lastly, CoolVu for automotive purposes allows drivers and passengers to experience increased comfort and privacy during the heat of the day along with increased visibility at night.

Need a CoolVu Window Film Installer?

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of CoolVu, contact Clearview Tinting. We serve home and business owners in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan, and we have more than 25 years of experience in the window tint industry. Our team would love to assist you with all of your window tinting needs. We can help you order and install your window film for increased comfort.
If you’re ready to experience the benefits of window tinting for yourself, contact Clearview Tinting today to schedule a free consultation. We have more than 25 years of experience in the window tint industry, and our team would be more than happy to assist you with all of your window tinting needs. Clearview Tinting serves homeowners and business owners in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.