A step ahead of glass explosion.

3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems — Spontaneous Glass Breakage Protection

  • Tempered safety glass is routinely used because it’s stronger than standard glass, but it also presents the risk of Spontaneous Glass Breakage (SGB)
  • While tempered glass fragments tend to be less sharp, falling glass or the elimination of a protection barrier like a glass railing can present major safety risks
  • Together, 3M science and you can help contain tempered glass upon (or during) spontaneous glass breakage
  • 3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems are your proven, preventive solution

Protect people and property.

Tempered glass can contain impurities like Nickel Sulfide inclusions. When the glass expands and contracts during daily and seasonal temperature cycles, these stresses can cause the glass to explode. You can provide protection to people and property by using 3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems to secure the broken glass within the frame and prevent glass fragments from falling from windows, balconies and guardrails.


Protection inside and out.

Tempered glass is used in many interior applications like elevators, banisters, and guard rails and even shower doors. It’s also commonly used for exterior balconies and on the exterior pane of double pane glass windows. Many of architectural glass designs, while visually appealing, pose a spontaneous glass breakage safety risk. 3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems can minimize these hazards at a fraction of the cost of replacing tempered glass.

Save money fast.

3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems can also include solar energy rejection features to help reduce air conditioning costs and save you money. In fact, you can recoup your 3M™ Window Films investment in as little as three years.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage Statistics
Glass Manufacturer A Warrant no more than 5 out of 1,000 — if heat treated
Glass Manufacturer B Recognize that spontaneous glass breakage occurs, but does not warrant against glass breakage
Glass Manufacturer C References 2 studies stating spontaneous glass breakage may occur 1 out of 150–400 panes*

**Study states a NiS stone with the potential to cause SGB occurs 1 out of every 4–12 tons of glass.

Assuming glass weighs 3 lbs/sq. ft. and a typical window size of 40 sq. ft.