Safety: A Critical Concern

Unfortunately, for all of us, school safety has become a critical topic of concern in our daily lives. As a result, school systems are being stretched too quickly to establish effective safety measures that can increase protection and improve the safety of school children and educational staff.

As many of you are already aware, the glass on windows and doors of a school building can be a very vulnerable entry point into a school. And most schools do not have laminated glass to prevent shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the glassless frame. Currently, several hundred schools have taken steps to help protect this potential entry point - as 3M™ Safety and Security Film has already been incorporated into over 200 U.S. schools and counting.

Mode of Entry Into Schools

  • Many schools have locked doors during operation
  • Weak point is glass
  • Most schools do not have bullet resistant glazing or even laminated glass, just tempered glass
  • Shooter can easily get through glass with single shot

How Safety & Security Films Work

  • Film + strong adhesive forms a protective membrane on the glass
  • Film is applied on interior side - opposite attack face
  • Protected from elements
  • Does not prevent glass from breaking, but holds broken glass fragments together
  • Film attachment systems applied along perimeter to anchor the film to the window frame
  • Forces intruder to create opening through center of broken glass

Schools continue to choose this safety film solution because of the following:

  • More cost effective than replacing all of the windows and doors with laminated glass
  • Quick implementation and easy application over the existing glazing

While potential intruders will not be fully stopped from entering a school building, 3M Safety and Security Film can act as a deterrent and provide precious extra response time by slowing the intruder down.

Recommended Safety Solutions

3M recommends the following safety products to help increase window and door security:

  • Ultra Series S600 – for strong, tear-resistance protection (Learn more)
  • Safety Series S140 – holds broken glass together so windows won't shatter (Learn more)
  • Impact Protection Attachment Systems – bonds the filmed window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection when combined with safety film (Learn more)

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