DefenseLite Clear Security Shield

DefenseLite: The Ultimate Security Enhancement


DefenseLite stands as a formidable alternative to conventional window films, designed to reinforce existing glazing openings. Unlike security window film, which can still be breached in under 60 seconds with enough force, DefenseLite creates nearly impenetrable glass openings that withstand even the most aggressive attempts at forced entry. It doesn't fracture under attack, remaining firmly attached to the primary window glazing, ensuring protection when it matters most.

Offering strength 250 times that of standard glass, DefenseLite is a clear, unobtrusive security enhancement that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Additionally, it can minimize street noise and boost your property's energy efficiency by 50%. Its unique sacrificial film coating allows for quick and inexpensive graffiti cleanup, ensuring your shield remains pristine. Safeguard your commercial property with DefenseLite security solutions.


DefenseLite Pro: A Commercial Fortification Solution

DefenseLite Pro is a clear retrofit polycarbonate or security glass system engineered to block forced entry attempts at commercial buildings. Its patented, flexible, and vented design anchors onto existing window, door, and curtain wall glazing frames.

Customized for each project, DefenseLite Pro creates an invisible yet unbeatable layer of glass security, shielding commercial windows and doors from unwanted access. Manufactured in the US and exclusively installed by certified dealers, DefenseLite Pro ensures the safety and security of commercial properties.

DefenseLite Pro vs. Window Film


DefenseLite Pro Security Glazing Benefits:

  • Deter Unauthorized Entry: Keep potential intruders at bay, securing your property.
  • Asset Protection: Safeguard your valuable inventory and assets from theft.
  • Property Preservation: Prevent glass-related damage and maintain your property's appearance.
  • Enhanced Security: Ideal for situations where traditional security measures may be impractical.
  • Solar Protection & Energy Efficiency: Improves glass insulation by 2.5 times and reduces fading from UV rays by 99%.
  • Sound Insulation: Reduces sound transfer through glass by 50%.
  • Protection from Ballistic Threats: When paired with BulletShield, defend against ballistic threats.

BulletShield: "Body Armor for Windows"

BulletShield is the ballistic-resistant counterpart to DefenseLite. This retrofit design securely fastens onto existing glazing frames, offering exceptional ballistic performance without the exorbitant cost associated with traditional "bulletproof" glass systems.

Independently tested and rated to meet UL752 ballistic standards, BulletShield provides an efficient solution against ballistic threats. Schools, corporate offices, hospitals, government buildings, and environments susceptible to such risks benefit from this retrofit bullet-resistant glazing system.

BulletShield vs. Firearms and Explosives


DefenseLite BulletShield Benefits:

  • Bullet Defense: Shield the most vulnerable part of your property's windows - the glass.
  • Effortless Installation: Retrofit onto your existing frames efficiently. Compatible with various frame types and architectural designs.
  • Protects Primary Glass: Utilizes a custom-extruded aluminum frame to create a buffer zone that protects your original glass.
  • Flexibility Under Attack: Engineered with a “super bond” anchoring method to withstand and deflect attacks with unparalleled flex and tensile strength.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides robust retrofit ballistic protection without the need for full glazing replacement.
  • Exceptional Durability: With a strength 250 times that of glass, it repels criminals and vandals effectively.

Working With Clearview Tinting

I am extremely satisfied and happy with the work performed by the two guys that applied the block out film to the six windows. They were very courteous and polite in their demeanor and went about their work in a professional manner. They worked as a team with each one knowing what his job was and as a result, it did not take an unusually long time to complete the job. When they finished, I did not have any debris laying on the floor as the result of the work performed. I hope you recognize their contribution to you organization as they are the last line of contact that a customer has direct contact with and so, the impression that they leave is what stays on the mind of the customer. In my case it is a great one!

John G., Google, Privacy window films

The team was extremely professional and took the time and care needed for successful installation. I’m extremely happy with the decision to tint the windows in our home instead of new blinds. It looks amazing! We’ve received so many compliments from our family and friends. Thank you so much!!

Chauna Washington, Google, Privacy window films

Top notch job. The pricing was competitive and the installer went the extra mile to install the film behind the frame surrounding the glass. It was extra work but it made the film even more secure against a break and entry. He could have just installed the film over the window and I wouldn’t have known there was a better option. Kudos to him for product knowledge and a professional ethic.

Tom McGrath, Google, Blast retention window films

The staff at Clearview made the whole process easy. They were helpful, pleasant and on time from beginning to end. The six window panels that they put tint on are beautiful and perfectly done.

Wendy Pauly, Google, Sun control window tinting

Very happy with the product and service we received with Clearview Tinting LLC. We had them do just our west-facing windows to cut down on the afternoon sun glare and heat from the strong afternoon sun. We are seriously considering having them come back and do all of our windows. We are that impressed with them.

Donna W., Google, Sun control window tinting

Unbelievable service, installers were the best young men. We had night vision 15 installed, amazing clarity viewing out the picture window. Only regret, we should have had all our windows covered in night vision 15.

Joseph DeStazio, Sun control window tinting

The decorative window treatment gives us the necessary privacy yet allows for sunlight in the master bathroom. We are so happy with the result. The installer team is the best!

J., Google, Decorative window tinting

The material we used (3M Night Vision 35) does just what we hoped it would do. It keeps out the glare and the heat, yet it is hardly noticeable. The team that did the install was quick and professional. They took extra care to make sure that nothing in the house was damaged during the install.

Matthew Mertha, Google, Sun control window tinting

The right product, right people, and install was quick and efficient. Product looks great. Owner was on site and walked through the films. I ultimately upgraded and it was absolutely the right call Can already see and feel the difference in the house.

Mark Roach, Google