Commercial Window Film Products for Your Business

If you own or operate a commercial space, installing window film can provide a range of benefits that can help you reduce your energy costs, increase your security, and improve the overall appearance and functionality of your building. Commercial window films are designed to reduce the amount of heat and glare that enters your building, making it more comfortable and energy-efficient. They also provide privacy, reduce the risk of break-ins, and protect your furnishings from fading. Additionally, commercial window films can be customized to suit your specific needs and branding requirements, making it an effective marketing tool for your business. With so many advantages, commercial window film is a smart investment that can help you save money, enhance your security, and create a more comfortable and appealing environment for your customers and employees.


Providing an abundance of natural light in your buildings is a great way to conserve energy. But sunlight can create excessive heat and uncomfortable hot spots, fades valuable furnishings, creates computer screen glare and contains harmful UV rays. Whatever shape or size the commercial building might be, 3M™ Sun Control Window Films aid in controlling energy costs while also creating a more comfortable, tenant-friendly environment.

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With 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films can do more than shield you from high energy bills - as they can be transformed from your weakest link to a source of strength, helping to protect your business from threats such as break-ins, vandals and other unwelcome impact events.

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Decorative films and finishes are geared towards the goal of innovating and implementing beautiful yet practical products that meet the diverse needs of designers, architects, building owners and operators, contractors and other professionals. With hundreds of different looks covering countless applications, the possibilities are nearly endless with the one common factor being the assured quality that 3M™ delivers.

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Optimizing natural light in buildings provides a better experience for everyone. Daylight Redirecting Film is a simple, effective daylighting solution which comfortably brings natural light deeper into buildings. Along with providing energy savings potential, this holds extra importance as natural light has been linked to increased productivity, purchasing behavior and physical well-being.

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