Birdstrike Window Film Helps To Stop Birds Flying Into Glass

Do you have a birdstrike problem? If so, you are aware of it and are likely looking for a solution. We wanted to share some information about why this happens and how a birdstrike window film can help with this issue.

We Apply Special Birdstrike Window Film To Stop Birds Flying Into Glass in Northern Ohio - Birdstrike Window Film in Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio 2When we encounter these situations, the first question many people ask is, “Why are birds hitting my windows?”. The website BirdSafe gives a great explanation, so we are quoting this from their site.

“Birds can see through glass and what is reflected on glass (such as trees or sky), but they cannot see the glass itself. Because birds can’t perceive glass as a solid object, they often collide at full speed—the result is often fatal. Although bird-window collisions occur year-round, they are most frequent during the spring and fall migratory periods..”

What can be done to prevent this? The solution is to create a visual deterrent on the glass surface. For this particular home that was experiencing the issue, we used this Trellis Pattern Bird Safety film. This pattern is designed to deter birds from flying into reflective glass, thus suffering an injury or death and causing potential damage to property. With many homes integrating much more glass into the design, bird strikes have become a common problem today. Bird Strike films have been shown to help and are the best way to stop birds from flying into windows once and for all.

If you would like more information about the birdstrike window film that we offer for home and commercial applications or if you have any questions, contact us by calling (800) 975-8183 or email us at We would be happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and estimate of retrofitting a birdstrike window film solution onto your home or commercial space’s existing windows in the Northern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan area.