Case Study: Fortifying French Pane Windows for School Safety

An Ohio School District faced a challenge: how to enhance the safety of their campuses, which span nine buildings from preschools to high schools. The solution? Clearview Tinting stepped in to provide a tailored approach to each building’s unique needs.


Clearview Tinting experts examined all nine buildings before providing recommendations and implementing solutions to fortify the buildings’ windows and doors for enhanced safety. The project involved the installation of 3M security film with wet glaze, covering approximately 9,000 square feet of security film and over 9,500 linear feet of impact protection adhesive. This solution was used for eight out of the nine buildings and was selected because of the film’s qualities to hold broken glass together, which deters intruders, gives security personnel more time to respond, and prevents glass shards from harming occupants or damaging interiors.

A French Pane Window Challenge:

One school posed a unique challenge as it had French pane windows, not suitable for security window film. Unlike other schools in the district with solid glass doors or doors with upper and lower windows, the school’s French pane windows were smaller and set in wooden doors. 

“If somebody were to attack that door, even with a window film,“ said Tony Bishop, Clearview Tinting’s Owner and Chief Project Manager, “if they hit it with a bat or hit it with a sledgehammer, it would blow right open.”

The Clearview team had to find an alternative solution for the school. 

Clearview Tinting’s Solution:

Clearview Tinting’s solution was the DefenseLite Pro by Impact Products, a polycarbonate panel that can be mounted over a window surface, providing a robust barrier against potential intruders that is 250 times stronger than regular glass. 

“You can beat on it,” Bishop said, “You’re not going to be able to get through it.” 

Using DefenseLite Pro was the clear choice as it allowed the school to enhance the safety of the school’s windows and doors without needing to replace them so students, faculty, and staff could maintain the beauty of French pane windows. 

Adding French Pane Window Security & More:

By leveraging Clearview Tinting’s specialized window film installations, this Ohio School District was able to benefit from the following:

Enhanced Safety – The safety measures applied across the schools in the district have taken safety to the next level for students, faculty and staff who spend their days inside these public buildings. Occupants can feel safe and secure knowing that neither severe weather events nor intruders can easily penetrate these facilities.

Cost Savings – Window film and DefenseLite installations are a fraction of the cost of replacing glass windows and doors. By opting for these solutions, the district was able to save on this security-enhancing project.

Maintained Visibility – Preserving the original windows ensured that natural lighting continued to flood the interiors of the school buildings. Sunlight exposure is important for students and teachers alike as it has been linked to higher serotonin levels, which are associated with boosting one’s mood and  helping a person feel calm and focused. 

Reduced Waste – By retrofitting rather than replacing, the district demonstrated an environmentally conscious approach, generating less waste and reducing the environmental footprint of the project. 

Peace of Mind – Implementing these changes has given the faculty, staff, and students in the district peace of mind that if an emergency situation were to happen, their buildings would be harder to penetrate.

Clearview Tinting Has a Solution For Your School, Home, or Other Space

Clearview Tinting’s commitment to providing customized solutions, their expertise in handling challenges like French pane windows, and their dedication to enhancing school safety in Ohio and Michigan make them a trusted partner for educational institutions.If you’re ready to experience the benefits of window tinting for yourself, contact Clearview Tinting today to schedule a free consultation. We have more than 25 years of experience in the window tint industry, and our team would be more than happy to assist you with all of your window tinting needs. Clearview Tinting serves homeowners and business owners in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.