What will security film protect against?

Security film provides protection against several threats, enhancing the safety of occupants and the integrity of any school facility. Here are the main protections offered by security film:

  1. Break and Entry: Security film deters unwanted individuals from entering a facility by making it more difficult to break through the glass.
  2. Safety Glazing and Human Impact: It protects students and staff from hazards associated with broken glass, reducing the risk of injury from glass shards.
  3. Seismic and Spontaneous Glass Breakage: The film retains glass fragments, offering increased protection during events such as earthquakes or spontaneous glass breakage.
  4. Bomb Blast and Explosion Protection: In the event of a blast or explosion, the film helps protect occupants by preventing glass shards from becoming dangerous projectiles.

When we install security film, you’ll significantly enhance the safety and security of your school building, providing peace of mind and physical protection for students and staff inside.