Five Primary Benefits of Using Decorative Film Versus Custom Glass

October 7, 2021

Decorative film and custom glass are popular in both commercial and home settings. This is mainly because both solutions add versatility to almost any space. Our customers who choose decorative film enjoy the elements of privacy, decor or branding custom film provides, without making a space feel enclosed. It’s easy to see why these products are among our most popular

What Makes Decorative Film A Better Choice Than Custom Glass?

We apply custom decorative film to many commercial and home spaces that just need a little revitalization. So with that said, is there really a benefit to using decorative film over a custom glass panel? In our opinion, and certainly according to our customers, decorative films are the superior option. Here are the top 5 reasons customers say decorative window films are better than custom glass.
Decorative Film vs Custom Glass – 5 Primary Benefits of Window Film - 2

1. Window Film Is Retrofittable to Existing Glass

You can avoid the excessive cost and downtime needed to remove your existing glass and replace it with a custom glass panel, as most decorative film fits existing glass panels.

2. Decorative Film Saves You Money

Even basic custom glass panels can get costly. However, decorative glass films allow you to implement much more intricate and involved designs at a fraction of what having a custom piece of glass would cost.

3. You Can Always Change Decorative Film When You’re Ready To Update Again

If the needs of a space change and you would like to remove the decorative element, the decorative film can simply be removed. With a custom glass panel, you would need to order a new piece of glass and have it installed.

4. Get More Options For Designs With Decorative Window Film Vs. Custom Glass

Unlike actual custom glass, designs using decorative glass film are nearly endless, limited only by your imagination. Through the use of potter cut film or custom printing, your dreams can truly become reality.

5. Decorative Film Is Easier To Clean!

When you customize a glass panel to give a frosted or sand blasted look, it creates a rough surface in the glass. This surface attracts dust, oil from people’s hands, and other contaminants, making it look dirty over time. As the dirt embeds in the surface, it becomes harder to remove it completely to keep the decorative panel looking clean. On the other hand, designs utilizing decorative glass films are easy to clean, so they continue to look as good as the day we install it.

Find Out How Easy It Is To Add Decorative Film To Your Glass

This covers some of the most compelling reasons customers choose decorative film as a better option than custom glass panels. If you’d like to see how we’re improving homes and businesses with these innovative and versatile films, check out some examples of our decorative window film work. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation of your project, contact us today at (800) 975-8183. You can find us serving customers in Toledo, Cleveland and all of Northern Ohio, as well as Ann Arbor, Michigan.