Duke Energy Offers Several Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners

August 28, 2020

Let’s face it, most of us are looking to save a little money these days and would love to take a bite out of high utility bills. However, we also want to maintain a comfortable house as many are spending a great deal more time in our homes these days. We wanted to do our part to help by summarizing five energy saving tips provided by Duke Energy in a recently published article. While this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, this could get you on the way to saving some money each month.

Five Energy Saving Tips From Duke Energy

  1. Use ceiling fans and set them to rotate in the proper direction for the season. Fans allow users to set thermostats in a way that can reduce energy use.
  2. Have your heating and air conditioning system serviced and change the air filter each month or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Date the filter or set a reminder to help track when it’s time for a new one. This can help the unit run more efficiently.
  3. Install attic insulation rated R-30 and seal attic leaks. This will reduce heating and cooling escaping and could qualify for bill credits. Check with your utility company for more information.
  4. Install home window films or keep blinds, curtains and shades closed during the hottest part of the day, especially on south and west facing windows. This helps keep heat out and the AC from running constantly. However, most of us do not want to keep our blinds or shades closed, and this is where we can help. Modern home window films that can block a significant amount of this heat without even changing the appearance of your windows. We even have low-e options that can potentially save energy in both the warmer and cooler months. Contact us for more details.
  5. This is an area most people are unaware of. Unplug phones or other electronic devices once fully charged. Many chargers use energy even when they aren’t connected to a device.

The article at Duke offer several more tips as well and you can read the entire piece by clicking HERE.

We hope that this summary gave you some energy saving tips that you could use to start driving down your utility bills. If you would like more information about the home window films mentioned in the article, click HERE. If you have questions about our services, call us at (800) 975-8183 or email us at info@clearviewtinting.com today.