Hotel Association Advises on Using Energy Saving Window Film

October 18, 2018

The American Hotel & Lodging Assiciation (AHLA) published an article that discusses how energy saving window film can be a cost effective solution for hotels dealing with heat gain issues. The article uses the Department of Energy‘s Energy Saving Calculator to look at how the return on investment of retrofitting existing windows with film versus replacing the windows. Using their research, the analysis showed that an energy saving window film installation would save enough on energy costs to pay for the job in roughly 2 years.

The article summary stated the following:

“A total window replacement with solar-control low-E windows does provide good energy savings; but is a relatively poor return on investment due to high material and installation costs. As a result, the return on investment for window film is faster than installing low-E windows.

In reviewing the replacement of windows or retrofit of energy-savings film, the application of energy saving window film should be strongly considered in lieu of window replacement only if existing windows are functionally sound.”

The article used reference pieces from the Department of Energy and the EPA’s Energy Star websites for their research.

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