Is window film energy efficient?

Absolutely, window film is a champion of energy efficiency. At Clearview Tinting, we pride ourselves on offering films that are specifically designed to optimize energy consumption. These films act as a barrier against the sun’s intense heat in summer, reflecting it away and keeping interiors cool. In contrast, during winter, they help in retaining the indoor warmth, reducing the need for constant heating. This dual functionality ensures a significant reduction in energy bills year-round.

Brands in our selection, such as 3M and Llumar, have been meticulously crafted to block a substantial portion of the sun’s infrared and UV rays, which are primary contributors to heat and fading, respectively. By installing our energy-efficient window films, you’re not only ensuring a comfortable indoor environment but also making a conscious choice towards sustainability. Trust Clearview Tinting to provide solutions that are both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly.