Will window film damage windows?

When properly selected and installed, window film should not damage windows. In fact, it’s designed to enhance and protect them. However, there are a few considerations to ensure the integrity of both the film and the window:

  • Compatibility: It’s crucial to choose a film that’s compatible with the window type. Some films are specifically designed for single-pane windows, while others are suitable for double-pane or tinted windows. At Clearview Tinting, we ensure that the selected film is a perfect match for your window type.
  • Professional Installation: A key factor in preventing potential damage is the expertise of the installer. Clearview Tinting’s team of professionals ensures a smooth, bubble-free application, reducing risks of peeling or moisture entrapment that could harm the window seal or pane.
  • Thermal Stress: While rare, certain films can increase heat absorption, potentially causing thermal stress on windows. This is more of a concern with older windows or those with existing imperfections. We always assess the condition and type of window before recommending a film to mitigate this risk.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: It’s worth noting that some window manufacturers might have stipulations about film application in their warranties. We advise checking with the window manufacturer before proceeding.

In summary, with the right film and professional installation, there’s minimal risk of window damage. Clearview Tinting’s commitment to quality and expertise ensures that your windows not only remain undamaged but are also enhanced and protected for years to come.