Hospital ICUs Switching Curtains For Frosted Film Over Infection Concerns

The team at Clearview Tinting is proud to have been called on to be part of the solution in helping stop the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. Because the commonly used curtains and blinds used in many hospitals can become a place that germs and viruses live and they are hard to sterilize, hospitals are switching them out in favor of frosted film. Because the film is applied to the glass and can be wiped down to disinfect the surfaces easily, we have been helping local hospitals with this conversion.

Check out these pictures of a recent installation that show how these films look and how they are bing used in the hospital environment.

We know that many people are putting their lives on the line to put a stop to the spread of this virus, and we are happy that we can be just a tiny part of helping reduce the spread and make these medical facilities easier to keep disinfected.

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