Autumn & Winter Are The Best Time To Install Window Film to Reduce Glare

February 2, 2024

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not your imagination, the sun is actually brighter in the fall and winter. From October through spring, the sun sits lower in the sky and that creates an irritating glare that you might not notice during other times of the year. For this reason, installing window film to reduce glare during the fall and winter months could save you a lot of discomfort. Read on to learn why the sun can create so much discomfort during the colder months and how glare-reducing window film can help!

How Sun Glare Creates Discomfort During the Winter

The lower angle of the sun’s rays in the fall and winter hits your windows at a more direct angle. This may result in excessive glare that make a space less comfortable and make seeing a computer or television screen more difficult. Furthermore, when you combine this lower angle with reflection off of water or snow, the resulting glare can seem blinding. Finally, the leaves on tress that can provide a barrier to glare in the warmer months are missing, giving the sun an unobstructed path through your windows.

How Window Film to Reduce Glare Improves Visibility

Much like a quality pair of sunglasses, window films can significantly reduce glare and increase visibility and comfort without negatively impacting your views outside. In fact, when the glare is reduced, your eyes can actually relax and the result is an enhanced view. And unlike a pair of sunglasses, we offer many options of sun control window film that reduce glare but are not tinted like a pair of sunglasses, so you can enjoy clear views out your windows and glass doors.

Our sun control window films reduce glare, regulate indoor temperatures, and protect against harmful UV rays. Our 3M sun control films offer energy savings as well to help you save on energy costs. The 3M Night Vision series is especially popular for homes experiencing excessive glare as its reflective nature allows you to maintain great views outside even at night.

Other Negative Side Effects of Too Much Sun

Significant glare problems are often accompanied by the issue of floors, furniture, and furnishings getting sun-bleached prematurely. An added benefit of installing window film to reduce glare is that it will also typically cut 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is the primary contributor to fading. Too much UV exposure is also linked to poor skin conditions so by fortifying your windows with sun control window film, you also protect your skin from long-term damage that might otherwise occur.

Let Clearview Tinting Reduce the Glare in Your Home or Business

With solutions for homes and business to reduce glare and increase comfort for your family, customers, or employees, Clearview Tinting can help you address the glare problems you’re facing. Our 3M sun control films address glare as well as confront other issues created by sun rays entering your space. If you’re ready to stop squinting and start enjoying your outdoor views, contact us for a free quote and to see what window film to reduce glare is best for you.

Clearview Tinting has more than 25 years of experience in the window tint industry, and we happily serve homeowners and business owners in Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.

*This article was originally published in October of 2020