Keeping what’s important intact.

Nothing can shatter your confidence more than a break-in. Add a level of safety and security with 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems.

  • Windows are one of the weakest points on your building or home
  • Provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home
  • Provide added protection to property from smash and grab burglaries
  • Helps protect your occupants from broken glass hazards
  • Attachment systems anchor the film to the glass frame, supplying additional protection if the glass is broken

Protecting your loved ones at home.

Alarm systems will tell you when someone has broken into your home, however, wouldn’t it be better to keep intruders out of your home altogether? Recent testing has shown 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems can resist attack and deter an intruder for as long as two minutes.** This can give you valuable time to prepare and may discourage the intruder from entering altogether.


Protecting your assets at work.

In 2012, over $15 billion dollars were lost due to property related crimes.* You need to display your merchandise next to your windows, but your windows are one of the weakest points of entry on a building. 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems will make it more difficult to get through your window, helping to reduce your losses during smash and grab crimes.


Protecting your loved ones at school.

The glass on windows and doors of a school can be a vulnerable entry point into the building. Most schools do not have fortified glass to prevent shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the window. We are proud to say that 3M™ Security Films & Attachment Systems have already been incorporated into thousands of schools.

Security with a payback.

Unlike many security upgrades, 3M™ Security Window Films provide great heat rejection that helps provide energy savings, which helps reduce air conditioning costs, saving you money. Providing a potential payback in as little as three years.

Global Crime Statistics*

Property Crimes
Occur every 1 second
Nearly 100 million reported annually

**Performance is highly dependent on numerous factors. Results will vary.