Proven protection for seismic events.

3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems — Seismic Protection

  • If the earth should start to shake, you’ll want to make sure people and property have been protected from falling glass
  • Together, 3M™ science and you can help retain glass within its frame, reduce the risk of falling glass shards and maintain glass barriers of protection
  • 3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems are your proven, preventive solution

Performance you can trust.

Japan has some of the highest seismic activity in the world with nearly weekly occurrences. So it should be no surprise that safety glass standards in Japan also require performance criteria related to earthquakes. 3M™ Safety Window Films are tested against these requirements and are used for seismic protection throughout the region.


Maintain building occupancy.

If windows fall out of their frames during an earthquake, the space will be unsafe for building occupants. 3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems help hold glass in place and may allow for continued building occupancy while glass is replaced.

Save money fast.

3M™ Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems can also include solar energy rejection features to help reduce air conditioning costs and save you money. In fact, you can recoup your 3M™ Window Films investment in as little as three years.

Product Performance and Technical Data

Global Seismic Statistics from 2000 to 2012*
Total Number of Earthquakes ~300,000
Number of Earthquakes 6.0+ >~1,800
Estimated Deaths ~800,000

*According to the U.S. Geological Survey,