Protect Your Northern Ohio Area Facility & People with Safety Window Film

We’re passionate about the ways that window films can add value to a space. From residences to commercial buildings, films bring energy efficiency, reduce glare, and add style for a cost-effective price. However, one of the lesser known benefits of window films is their security-enhancing features. Though they are installed on existing windows, safety window films pack some serious benefits that can enhance any security strategy your facility has in place. In this article, we summarize three key benefits of safety & security window films.

Safety Window Films Deter Burglars

Windows and glass doors are some of the most common places for burglars to target. The website even reported that 95% of all home invasions involved a forceful entry, almost always breaking a window or kicking in a door. And with burglaries happening once every 25.7 seconds in the United States, it’s a serious business to protect your property from theft and damage. While the glass can still be broken, properly installed safety window film will make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry through the glass. We always recommend a layered approach to security – combining an properly set up alarm system with a safety & security film will allow the alarm to sound while not allowing easy access. Often, by making it harder to access the space through the glass causes the burglar to flee in search of an easier target. Protecting your windows with a security film is an easy way to deter criminals from trying to gain entry onto your property.

Maintain Building Envelopes and Reduce Risk in Severe Weather

Shattered glass during a severe weather event poses a huge risk to those taking shelter inside. Security window films can provide a protective layer that keeps a building envelope intact and reduces flying glass shards, which can cause injury. Having the majority of the glass remain attached to the film also makes it safer after the event when rescue and cleanup efforts begin.

Reduce Negative Effects from Blast Events

Another area of concern when it comes to glass windows and doors is blast events. This can take the form of either bomb attacks or unforeseen explosions. Whether it’s man-made act or an unfortunate accident, a blast turns the weakest point of a building (the glass windows) into dangerous projectiles hurtling through the air. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that lacerations from flying glass are a significant portion of all injuries from explosion incidents. However, a thick, professionally installed protective security window film can create a barrier of protection. The film acts to hold the broken glass in place and reduce the risk of injury from flying shards.

Let Clearview Tinting Install Safety Window Film for Your Protection

Whether you need protection from break-in threats, severe weather, or even blast events, Clearview Tinting has a safety window film solution for you with expert installations included. Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss the best safety window film options for your home or facility.

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