Three Places to Use Patterned Window Film in Offices

While many people are choosing to continue working from home despite the end of the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, others are happy to return to an in-office environment. So what can you do to make your employees return to the office after several years of remote work? Or improve the environment for those who have already returned? Consider patterned window film in offices! Adding patterned window film to your office can create a welcoming and productive environment for you and your employees. Read on to learn how patterned window film can add style and function to your workspace.

Where to Use Patterned Window Film in Offices

The benefits of patterned window film in offices go beyond just aesthetics. Not only does patterned window film add aesthetic appeal, but it can also reduce the amount of glare and UV rays that enter your office. Window film in offices can help maintain a comfortable working environment and reduce eye strain for employees as well as preventing office furniture from fading.


Patterned window film is a fantastic way to enhance entryways or reception areas and welcome employees or other office guests into your space. By choosing a patterned design that complements the existing decor, a space that once seemed utilitarian can transform into a functional and aesthetically pleasing feature. Instead of opting for expensive etched glass for your office door, consider covering a plain glass door with patterned window film to bring in more light while maintaining privacy in your workspace. Windows by office entryways can also benefit from patterned window films as they can contribute to the decor of the room while continuing to let in natural light. Adding this simple but effective upgrade to your entryway or storage space can make a world of difference and leave a lasting impression on those entering or using the room.

Conference Rooms

Today’s office spaces are often designed with a lot of glass and open spaces. But sometimes privacy is needed – for meetings with specific internal teams or presentations to clients, for example. Patterned window film for conference rooms can help transform sometimes awkward conference rooms into workable, effective meeting spaces. By adding a pattern to glass conference room walls, you can inject privacy into future meetings while still allowing natural light to filter through, creating a pleasant and productive environment for conducting meetings.

Similarly, patterned window film can also enhance the overall aesthetic of the conference room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication that can impress potential clients or partners. Clearview Tinting offers professional-grade films to give your conference rooms the appeal they need to enhance working conditions for your employees and partners.

Storage Spaces

All offices have storage spaces, and they are often not the prettiest places to visit. So, why not choose some stylish and eye-catching patterned window films to bring an extra touch of chic to your storage spaces? Patterned window film can help you obscure the contents of storage closets or hide clutter in your storage rooms while making the outsides of those places eye candy. Not to mention that it’s an affordable and practical solution for modern offices looking to create a beautifully designed workspace.

Let Clearview Tinting Enhance Your Space with Patterned Window Film in Offices

Are you ready to celebrate getting more people back to the office? Or give them a reason to return? If so, Clearview Tinting is here to help you! Our team of window film experts can help you select the perfect patterned window film for your office and then provide a quality install for lasting aesthetic appeal. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and get your office on its way to a brighter and more beautiful future!

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