Vela™ Dynamic System is a sophisticated and innovative new product from Avery Dennison, designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of interior spaces. Ideal for use in open concept offices with glass rooms and dividers, Vela™ Dynamic System transforms from transparent to a beautifully, frosted opaque with the flick of a switch, providing privacy on-demand and useful whiteboard applications.

How does it work?

The Vela™ film is designed with a Pressure Sensitive “PS” adhesive on one side for a wet application and a Scratch Resistant “SR” Coating on the other side to ensure scratch-free installation and maintenance. Inside the film structure are two optically clear, sputtered transparent conductive layers of Indium Tin Oxide, “ITO” and in between these layers are the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals, “PDLC” which is the basis for the technology.

In the absence of an electrical current, the liquid crystal particles disperse randomly, scattering light which results in a translucent appearance.
Activating the Vela™ film introduces electricity to the film which causes the liquid crystal particles to orient in a manner that permits light to traverse the film and results in a transparent state.
Avery Dennison Vela™ is a retrofit window film that places a thin translucent film over indoor glass panes allowing for privacy, consumer engagement and erasable whiteboard applications. When switched-on, Vela™ film transforms to transparent, providing high optical clarity and visually opening up spaces. Vela™ delivers easy to operate, flexible functionality on demand.

Privacy – with a flick of a switch

Incorporate privacy on-demand with Avery Dennison’s Vela– a new simple retrofit solution delivering instantaneous in office privacy with the flick of a switch.
Avery Dennison’s Vela Dynamic System for privacy places a thin, transparent film over glass panes when switched on and transforms to beautifully frosted when turned off.

Vela enhances the appearance of interior spaces and provides privacy when needed. In its translucent, turned-off state, the Vela Dynamic System makes an ideal whiteboard surface that can be easily written on and erased – adding another welcome function to the workspace. Make Vela a convenient function in your office by incorporating Vela with smart office & home systems using a mobile app or a smart home connector.

The transformation from transparent to translucent occurs instantly. Viewers observing the Vela Dynamic System for privacy will be amazed to watch this innovative technology change when switched on or off.

Control spaces on demand

The Vela System by Avery Dennison is a retrofit window film solution, that transforms transparent windows translucent. The Vela System is powered by an advanced electrical controller, designed specifically for the Vela System to provide privacy and projection capability at the flick of a switch.

Why do you need a Vela™ controller


Create customer engagement with Vela

Today’s retailers must be bold and innovative to attract consumer attention in a crowded market. The VelaTM Dynamic Display System from Avery Dennison offers what retailers need to achieve optimal visibility, engagement and wow factor.

VelaTM is a retrofit solution, adaptable to indoor storefront windows of any dimension, that allows retailers to transform transparent windows to advertising display screens, alerting customers and onlookers about promotions, flash sales and new products.
When connected with artificial intelligence systems and touch screens, VelaTM becomes a powerful channel to deliver personalized media content, specific to each individual consumer.

Vela offers retailers:

  • Easy operation
  • Branding imagery brought to stunning life
  • Increases footfall
  • Transparent when not in use
  • Attracts consumers’ attention
  • Adds WOW factor to heighten customer experience
  • Provides ability to focus on special offers
  • Customize content on demand

Features + Benefits:

  • Fully integrated solution for dynamic display
  • Unique multi-channel control to syndicate messages across multiple locations or broadcast store-specific advertisements and media
  • Ability to retrofit on almost any existing interior glass
  • No-glare, rear projection
  • Excellent transparency and clarity when ‘on’, full opacity when ‘off’
  • Virtually instant on-off switching
  • Easy replacement when required, backed by Vela warranty
  • Supported by installers from our VelaTM certified team

Ideal use cases for Vela:

  • Product rollout: Vela gives customers the opportunity to see your latest products in action
  • Announcements: Grand openings, sales, loyalty programs and other perks catch more attention in motion than with static images
  • Logos and branding: Continually reinforce the connection between you and customers with branded dynamic display
  • AI Advertising: Vela can deliver personalized media messages when paired with AI platforms

Product Specifications:

  • Multi-window control
  • Scratch-resistant hard coating to ensure easy, scratch-free maintenance
  • Advanced channel controller hardware delivers best performance:
  • - Improved power protection - Compatibility with smart systems and wifi
  • Ability to project high resolution content
  • Compatibility with media management software
  • 178° viewing angle
  • Customization: Laser cut to different shapes and sizes
  • Low energy consumption