2021 Construction Trends Facilitated By Commercial Window Films

January 15, 2021

As we head into the new year, we have been looking into various noted 2021 Construction Trends and how commercial window films can be a part of those trends. After reading several articles, we have come up with three distinct trends that window films play a role in.

Three Ways Window Films Play a Role in 2021 Construction Trends

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – From an article in Construction Review Online entitled “7 Construction-Technology Trends to Watch in 2021“, they note that energy saving is an ongoing trend. They specifically say, “According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 20 percent of all U.S. energy use goes toward powering commercial buildings. Energy-saving building design and construction is a powerful way to help businesses save energy and cut costs while reducing their impact on the environment. Developing these buildings requires a whole-building design approach where the construction team designs and builds all the elements so that they work together. This innovative approach to building, along with corresponding energy-efficient materials and technologies, can produce buildings that are up to 70 percent more efficient than the average commercial building.” Window films can be retrofitted to nearly any commercial property to help reduce the heat coming through the glass and reduce the demand on the HVAC system. This can help the space be more comfortable and increase the energy efficiency.
  • Improved Spaces Without Work Disruptions – Because of the competitive nature of commercial real estate moving forward, the demand will be for improvements to the space without creating a work disruption. Window films retrofitted to your existing glass is a perfect fit here. It can be installed around work hours to have very little impact on work flow while making a significant improvement in the comfort of a space.
  • Spotlight on Sustainability – The online source Lets Build had an article entitled “5 Construction Trends You Want to Look Out For in 2021” discusses this. The article states “Moving towards a greener industry is another ambitious goal for 2021. In the fight against climate change, construction has to offer a lot by reducing waste and by supporting projects that can pave the way for more sustainable societies.” The very nature of window films being retrofitted to existing windows to achieve improvements instead of replacing them has a significant impact on reducing waste and the landfill impact of space improvements.

We hope that you are looking forward to a great year in 2021 and that this article illuminated how commercial window films can play a role in some 2021 Construction Trends. If you would like more information on commercial window films we offer, click HERE. If you have any questions about these innovative films, please contact us by calling (800) 975-8183 or emailing us at info@clearviewtinting.com. We have offices in Toledo and Cleveland and service the entire Northern Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas.